World Congress on Biosensors 2014

World Congress on Biosensors 2014
Biosensors 2014

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The 5th edition of The Tutorial, now accessible on line comprises: 

  • Preface, discussing revolution taking place in scientific publishing 
  • Introduction, reviews development of methods of flow analysis, beginning with air segmented systems, focuses on flow programming, and concludes with high throughput Sequential Injection technique.
  • Theory deals with mixing by dispersion in flow system, emphasizing  the essential role of the turbulent flow. 
  • Methods section deals with Flow Injection, Sequential Injection, Bead Injection and Sequential Injection Chromatography, illustrated by examples of work from world leaders in the field.  
  • FIA Story is collection of contributions written by those, who participated in inventing, advancing and commercialization of Flow Injection and related techniques. This multicolor quilt of stories is the heritage from which much is to be learned about science, discovery and commerce. 
  • Database contains over 22000 instantly searchable references. 
  • News section comprises announcements of forthcoming meetings and publications from the field of analytical chemistry. 
Contributions related to flow analysis and instrumentation are cordially invited, and will be published free of charge, with the exception of commercials. The website is financially supported by the author.