World Congress on Biosensors 2014

World Congress on Biosensors 2014
Biosensors 2014

Monday, 18 October 2010

Next Generation of Touch Screen Syringe Pumps

KD Scientific announces the New Legato 100 Syringe Pump
The world’s first single syringe infusion only pump with a touch screen interface. The Legato 100 has a wide flow rate range from 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min.
Any type of syringe can be used in the unit including stainless steel, plastic or glass.  The syringes are held in place by KD Scientific’s new clamping mechanism designed to hold the syringes securely in place.
Syringes from 0.5 ul to 60 ml can be used.   The Legato 100  has an accuracy of +/-0.5% and a reproducibility of +/- 0.05%.
The large color display allows the user to see all the  pumps operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments..  Syringe size and flow rates are easily displayed as well as the volume delivered and the elapsed time.
The Legato 100 can be used in flow cytometry, electrospinning, mass spec calibrant delivery, microfluidics, neuroscience applications and more.
KD Scientific designs, manufactures and sells a range of quality fluidics equipment used by research laboratory markets worldwide.
KD Scientific syringe pumps are an economical solution to delivering precise and smooth flow in research, pilot plants and production applications.   They are recognized worldwide for quality, accuracy and reliability.   A broad line of syringe pumps are offered: from a simple one syringe infuse only, to a programmable multi-syringe infuse/withdrawal pump. KD Scientific operates as a separate business within Harvard Bioscience at their Holliston, Massachusetts facility.
For more information contact:
KD Scientific84 October Hill Road
Holliston, Massachusetts 01746
Phone: 508-429-6809
Fax: 508-893-0160

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