World Congress on Biosensors 2014

World Congress on Biosensors 2014
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Bruker’s Commitment to Chinese Market Shared with Chinese Media at recent CIFSQ Conference in Beijing

Bruker Chemical & Applied Markets division (CAM), US: During the recent China International Food Safety and Quality (CIFSQ) 2011 conference in Beijing, media were engaged in a briefing at the Bruker facilities. Bruker’s continued and rapid growth in China is reflected in the expansion programs for Beijing’s Application Laboratories and Customer Service Centers. Earlier in 2011 the Shanghai Application Laboratory facilities were formerly opened, with a 50% expansion program underway at the Beijing facility plus an additional service and sales office planned for Guangzhou.
“The upgraded facilities and investment opens additional services to the expanding Chinese customer base. With over $100 million in annual revenue, China is of strategic importance to Bruker”, explained Hank Wang, General Manager of Bruker China. “With industry-leading technical expertise, training and customer support now being available to the Chinese market we look forward to greater collaboration opportunities with our Chinese academic, government, clinical and industrial customers” added Wang.
Commenting on Bruker’s growth and investment in China, Rohan Thakur, General Manager of the Bruker CAM division commented on “the excellent collaboration between Bruker China and its customers in the food safety and environmental markets. Thakur added “we view the input from the Chinese market as being vital to our overall R&D efforts”.
Bruker’s CAM division were a sponsor at the CIFSQ event, where they shared their perspectives on food safety and quality assurance. Company experts also presented timely new data on pesticide residues in pumpkin extract and the application of this data in food safety analysis generated on the SCIONTM Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Triple Quadrupole (GC-MS TQ) system. 
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