World Congress on Biosensors 2014

World Congress on Biosensors 2014
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Yeast lytic enzyme mixture offers superior activity

AMSBIO is the global supplier of Zymolyase, a lytic enzyme mix for the digestion of yeast and fungal cell walls offering superior and broad based biological activity across many genera of fungi.

independent tests**, compared to Lyticase and Glusulase, Zymolyase generated yeast protoplasts more efficiently while not hindering regeneration into viable cells. Delivering higher activity compared to other lytic enzymes, Zymolyase offers greater performance at a lower cost for applications including protoplast / spheroplast preparation, yeast cell fusion, transformation of yeast cells and yeast genetics.

Zymolyase®, purified from culture fluid of Arthrobacter luteus, has strong lytic activity against living yeast cell walls to produce protoplast or spheroplast of various strains of yeast cells. The essential enzyme lytic activity of Zymolyase® is beta-1, 3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase, which hydrolyzes glucose polymers linked by beta-1, 3-bonds and produces laminaripentaose. Zymolyase® is reported to be a complex enzyme including Zymolyase A, beta-1, 3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase and Zymolyase B, alkaline protease, which may change the structure of the yeast cell wall to facilitate penetration of Zymolyase A.

AMSBIO offers two preparations of Zymolyase: Zymolyase-20T and -100T (lytic activity of 20,000 units / gram and 100,000 units / gram respectively) which are available from local inventory for fast delivery.

For further information please visit or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-949-768-8365 or email

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